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Hi! It's Me! [Jul. 1st, 2005|09:09 pm]
No, really. It is me! Meeeeee!

I know it has been months since I posted, but currently, I have some time off from work...and I choose to spend it in front of the computer.

Anyway. To those of you who I have not talked to in a while, here's how my year has been so far:

Got fat from Christmas. Temporarily took over responsibility of leading a team of 14 people at work. Took in copious amounts of caffeine. Started playing Volleyball again.

Work work work. Worked. A lot. But! Went to Thailand at the end of the month for a 5-day vacation. Got shot in the arm by a banana launched from a bar girl's hooha. God, that was so much fun. The whole trip...not said incident, because ew.

Went to Puerto Galera for the first time. I rode a boat! A boat! Got drunk on the beach. Very nice. Started to lose weight.

A haze of work, Volleyball, trips to the beach. Still losing weight. God, I don't know why.

Went to Galera! Again! To play Volleyball! Seriously! Also, bought new wardrobe (i.e., clothes that actually fit, now). Bought Mom a nice watch.

Lighter work load. Thank God! Maintaining weight. Am in credit card debt, because of aforementioned purchases.

So, how have you all been? Except you, Cam, I always see you. Heh.
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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2005|02:35 pm]
Pao: [Programming.] Sweet, sweet Jesus. Please build! BUILD!

'Pooter Error Message (Simplified): "No hard disk space. You cannot build. Not a chance in hell! Nope. No Siree."
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If You Read Choose Your Own Adventure Books As A Kid... [Apr. 27th, 2005|04:17 pm]
...then here are some that did not quite make it.
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2005|10:58 pm]
Are you guys familiar with July For Kings? They sound like an early Matchbox Twenty. That's good, considering that Matchbox Twenty currently sounds meh. And Rob Thomas is doing his own thing. Which also sounds meh. Anyway, fresh new start for a band with a good sound.

I hope they don't fuck it up.

Go to their website, listen to Girlfriend! And New Black Car! And fall in love!
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(no subject) [Mar. 7th, 2005|02:47 pm]
Snagged from supergirlhero:

Your Life as a Celebrity by Karen_Walker
reason for being famous
plastic surgery you've had done
your tabloid scandalshoplifting
your stalker1lonelypoet
your best friend
your nemesis
the tabloids think you're dating
you're really dating
your secret lover
your bitter ex
how long you stay in the spotlighta single week
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I like these results. Especially if you switch who I'm actually dating with who I am allegedly dating. Also, see Secret Lover.
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Woah. [Feb. 22nd, 2005|04:41 pm]
You get a brain-freeze if you drink something cold really fast.

You get a head-rush when you stand up too quickly.

I think those words do not require hyphens.

Anyway. What do you get when you've worked quickly, and furiously, and focused(-ly?) since 8:00 am, and suddenly you've run out of tasks to do, and you're still fired up from all the caffeine that is circulating in your bloodstream?

Because I totally have that. Right now.
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(no subject) [Feb. 15th, 2005|09:12 am]
This may be a little self-centered, but understand my feeling of relief.

Relief that I was not near the area of the bombings last night.

Relief that one of my officemates asked me to have a round of beer with the others at the bar at the 12th floor of our building.

On a Monday Night.

Relief that I gave in.

Because really, a little while after we started with our beers? We heard the sirens of firetrucks.

(And that little while? Had I decided to go home? I could have been there.)

"Oh, a fire," we said.

Then came the text messages. And the calls.

But I was alright. With a slight buzz from the Colt 45.

And quite relieved.

Now for well-written posts talking about the impact of the bombings to society and the economy, let me refer you to supergirlhero's and tesseract's LJs.

And disregard this personal drivel.
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